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The The OK Citizens First Pledge:

As a candidate for public office in Oklahoma, I pledge that I will not join ALEC or any similar organization which will keep me from representing the best interests of Oklahoma citizens.

Purpose: This is a nonpartisan site set up to identify the candidates for office in Oklahoma who will pledge to represent, first and foremost, the interests of Oklahoma citizens.

Signing: Candidates may sign the pledge by stating so in an email to . They will then be identified with an “OK” on the Oklahoma 2014 Candidate List below.

Reasons the Pledge is Needed

 ALEC in Oklahoma: Last May, the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) met in Oklahoma City to help our state legislators write “model legislation”.  While representatives, lobbyists, and lawyers from ALEC’s Corporate contingency met with our lawmakers, citizens protested across the street. They, and members of the press, had been barred from attending by security guards. The agenda of the meeting was secret and an elaborate system kept it from being obtained by Freedom of Information Act requests. The model legislation was not published, yet some has been introduced in our legislature without being identified as ALEC legislation. ALEC has a team of corporate lawyers and think tank experts who develop biased rationales and write articles and op-ed pieces to justify and sell the model legislation. You may read more about the influence of ALEC in Oklahoma on the Oklahoma Policy Institute Blog.

Secrecy: What is known about ALEC has been discovered by leaked documents and by citizen’s watchdog groups.  ALEC is a 501(c)(3) organization which is not required to reveal its donors or its funding. It has 300 corporate and special interest groups as members and 1800 legislative members (70 from Oklahoma), but it will not release its membership lists. SourceWatch lists 27 Oklahoma Representatives and 10 Oklahoma Senators as members, leaving about 30 whose identities remain secret . They have introduced a number of bills which have been identified as ALEC “model bills”, others whose source is secret, and some have become law, much to the detriment of many Oklahoma citizens.

Bipartisanship: No matter what your political affiliation, I think you should agree that this is not the democratic way to make Oklahoma laws. Our laws should not be written in secret, introduced without identifying their source, and supported by our legislators who are members of a secret organization.

What you can do: If you are a candidate, pledge on your honor that will not join ALEC or any similar organization which will keep you from representing the best interests of Oklahoma citizens.

 If you are a voter:

  • find your candidates in the list below, and email them, asking them to take the pledge.
  • pick several other candidates from the list below and send them an email. Let them know you are concerned.
  • attend campaign events and ask candidates if they have pledged to put Oklahoma citizens first.
  • write op-ed pieces, letters to the editor, or post comments  – shining light on ALEC and publicizing the pledge.
  • anything else you can think of to help create a buzz. Help make this a campaign issue. And, please register and vote.

 Oklahoma 2016 Incumbent list with ALEC ties

Oklahoma Legislators with ALEC Ties

House of Representatives


Former Representatives

  has connected the following politicians to ALEC through ALEC documentation, the Oklahoma Almanac, or by ALEC donations as reported at the Oklahoma ethics webpage. 

State Offices

  • Governor – Mary Fallin
  • Lt. Governor  —  Todd Lamb
  • Attorney General  —  E Scott Pruit
  • Secretary of State  —  Glenn Coffee State
  • Treasurer  —  Ken Miller

U.S. Congress

  • James Inhofe R,United States Senate
  • Frank Lucas R, U.S. House of Representatives
  • Tom Cole R, U.S. House of Representatives

Note! This post was updated on May 28, 2016.